Nick Dominguez


AVVAY Pro was a community for creative professionals to discover and collaborate on projects and events. I led the design and frontend development effort to build and ship this new platform.


Building this community did not come without its own set of unique challenges. The core job to be done was to build and design a platform that was both efficient and compelling for users to engage and upload their projects. A core focus was put on simplicity and efficiency. It was also important to give members a compelling and easy experience to sign in and then upload their work.

Pro Profile
Project Viewer
Pro Post Editor

Interaction Design

Sign Up Task Flow
AVVAY ProTask Flow Diagrams

There were several key task flows I had to identify and design within AVVAY Pro. Below are two examples build in Omnigraffle that display how people can sign up for an AVVAY Pro account as well as add a collaborator to a post.

Create Post Wireframe
Dashboard Wireframe
Pro Profile Wireframe
Project Viewer Wireframe

Wireframes were designed for both the admin dashboard screens as well as the public-facing screens.

Built with Hugo, Github and Netlify