Leading product design at a debt collection company was often incredibly challenging. Designing an experience for customers who fundamentally did not want to engage or use the product you were building was the biggest hurdle.

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Crafting the Customer Experience

At the heart of everything, we worked on at TrueAccord as experimentation. The product I designed had to rely on various sources of data to identify, verify, and provide a fast and efficient flow to get back into a payment plan. I worked directly with the data science team to design and build experiments that optimized for conversion and as well as efficiency.

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Payment Plans

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Building a brand new online marketplace to serve creative professionals.


Bringing to market a more humane and customer focused debt collection experience.

Tenable Network Security

Making online security products easier to use.

AVVAY Booking

Redesigning the booking experience on AVVAY to reduce complexity and increase transparency.

Toggle Manager

Designing a more simplified and polished experience to the Toggle Manager web application.


Building a brand new platform for creative professionals and production agencies to connect and work together.

TrueUI Design System

Designing and documenting user interface patterns for consistency, efficiency, and maintainability.